Winners have a plan!



Ok...let's go!


use  to see the video again!


Housing-sharing is the

fastest, cheapest and

most sustainable

solution for people

who like to... in a metropolis like LDN,
SGP, SDN, PRS, etc.etc. every month a lot of money
 ...realise smaller footprint.
...have a much cozier life!
What will be your your reason
to share a house...? Let us know,


Just-Roomies is growing!

1. More members around the world

2. More matches

3. More chats

4. More sharings


Registration is the 1st step!

Check the site every day for the latest

members. Maybe it brings new ideas like

living in a different city or another country.

Match with everyone you want and wait for

acceptance; maybe your journey starts here!


So all you need is...
the nicest, most reliable roomie!

Mmm, but where can you find one?

And can you choose out of more?

In your group of friends?

Or a shout for help on FB?

Checkout Just-Roomies!
Do you want to share your
own (rental) house?

Register as a member and mention this

in your profile, download a few pictures

and state the monthly rent; also how

you define house sharing!


Most important:


Houses too?

Soon we present verified houses offered

by rental-brokersprivate owners can

already present their houses as a member. 

Ofcourse checking, matching and chatting

 with the owners and brokers remains

unlimited & free.


Tell me, how does JR make any money?

JR has no revenue yet but in this stage

we're lucky to have Angel Investors to

make Just-Roomies worldfamous.

We have a mission wich is solving

the global housingissues.


Verified Membership

Soon we will offer the opportunity to

distinguish yourself by a 1 or 2 star

verified purchased membership.

We provide this through the

deployment of an external partner.

We'll inform you asap!


1 or 2 stars?

The stars will be aworded if independent

research shows (by the message to our office 

'approved or rejected') you're trustworthy

regarding your ID, labour-contract, payslip

and bankproof of the salary-payment.


The 1e star proofs you are who you say you are.

The 2e star proofs you have a job and

receive a periodical income. 




Now you're sure?

Let's go...