Thinking about living wherever you want?

Easy...find a roomie, share a house and follow your dreams!


Ofcourse we have an app!

use  to see the video again!


New adventure?
Save money?
Career boost?
Back to your roots?
Make new friends?
Explore the world?
New study?
And what's your reason
to share a house?


Whatever it starts with

finding the best roomie for

the city you're aiming for...


Maybe your roomie has a

house to share?

Maybe he/she is also going

to be new in town? 


In some countries house-sharing is 

part of the culture, in others its fairly

new and people think its strange....


We've learned that house-sharing is

an absolute solution for many reasons!

And remember, you don't have to share

forever; start with 6 or 12 months ... and

then you'll both see how you

feel about it.


Register, search, match & chat.
Easy, unlimited and free! 


Check the site every day for the

most recent registrations.


If you want to share your own house, 

register and mention this in your profile. 

Download a few pictures and state the

monthly rent..and maybe you can

explain how you feel about your

idea of sharing your house!




Get on with it...

Let's go...