House-sharing is not only for students!

What's your plan to cut down costs?


Ok...let's go!

use  to see the video again!


House sharing is not

only for students!


We're experiencing crazy times;

decling economy, recession for all.

Suddenly everybody has a situation

wich makes it urgent to cut down

costs...and a lot too!


Housing costs are the biggest in
everyone's life so that's the best target! 


So find your perfect roommate,

find a great house with at least 2



Of course you don't have to share

permanently; start with 12 months ...

and then you'll see how you and your

roomie feel about it.


Maybe now is the best time to

explore other dreams...and consider

to live in another country. 

There are hundreds of members

from many nations...


Just-Roomies is growing!

1. More members around the world

2. More matches

3. More chats

4. More housesharing


Registration is the first step!

Check the site every day for the

most recent registrations.


Do you want to share your own or rental house?

Register and mention this download a few

pictures in your profile and state

the monthly rent; also how you feel about daily

practise of sharing your house!


Most important:


Houses also on the JR site?

Soon we will present verified houses

offered by rental agents;

private owners can rent their homes

place it on the site for free now.


Our mission is to solve the
global housing problem!




Now you're sure?

Let's go...