10 tips for home selection

A match! Hurray, you have found each other and are ready to become roommates. Now hunting together for a home. Read the 10 tips for house selection and continue your Just-Roomies.com adventure!

  1. Determine your budget.

Maybe one of them has slightly more budget than the other. You could say that the person with the most budget gets the largest bedroom, or has the first choice of own room.
  1. Location

Consult together in which neighborhoods of a city you want to live, this reduces your search area and that is how you find the perfect place.
  1. Time to start looking for a home

Search for your new dream place on sites that offer rental properties, for example Pararius and Funda.

4.. Keep a list of requirements at hand

Select the number of rooms that you need and indicate your further living requirements. For example garden, balcony, bath, fireplace etc, etc.
  1. Contact the broker

Check with the offering broker whether your intended house is suitable for partying.
  1. View

Plan a number of viewings and go out together. Nice to get to know each other better in this way and to see several houses.
  1. Think it through

Sleep over it. It is a big decision and a whole adventure. Fine to sleep over for the final choice of your living space.
  1. The neighborhood

Go and look at your new neighborhood at a different time. The dynamics of a place can be very different at other times.
  1. Rental agreement

Make the choice for your living space and lay down the agreements clearly and clearly in a rental agreement. Tip: at Just-Roomies.com you have free access to a number of standard rental agreements.
  1. Making appointments

Make direct agreements about who gets which room, what the cleaning schedule of the general room will be and make other agreements. See also our blog 'make appointments, so clear'.
Have fun looking for suitable living space! We are very curious about your experiences. Do you have another advice? We would like to hear this in a comment!