Car sharing

Sharing, as a verb, is the best and most logic solution for many peope in different situations.

For those who have the wish to lower their footprint, in financial crisis, to live next to their work, to live together without a relationship, ' to...... ' You name it!

Car is easy anyway

Next to a library we see new options regarding sharing... houses, ofcourse, but also tools, clothes, boats and nowadays also cars. A great example is easy, so cheap, so good!


What a great solution;  easy to organize with an app. Why do people want to keep their own car? In many ways car-sharing is the best solution when you need transportation.

In practice

Its obvious a car is still an extension of someone's living room, so what kind of cars will you end up in? Of course, all value to the money is also applicable here. Almost new cars cost more than older ones and that is exactly what makes this solution so good. When you  go for a day out with Grandpa & Grandma, or you have to heap a lot of stuff or you're all by yourself...just choose the car which fits.. And yes, one car is perfectly clean, the other a little less, but if you look at the costs, you take that for granted.


In other words: if you are prepared to appreciate the solution of 'sharing', you will make a huge difference to the costs. That is also how it is with a home. Everyone immediately understands that sharing also requires customization, but if you have found the right roommate and apartment after a nice selection process, that is fantastic!
If you suddenly have a lot more money left, or you can suddenly start living in the place you always dreamed of, your life will look so much nicer!