Clear appointments

Sharing is the fastest, most efficient and sustainable solution if you want to live in a metropolis, or if you want to save on living costs drastically, or.... But, it is obvious that if you share a living space with someone you do not know so well yet, it is important to make clear agreements. 

Business approach

Rent a house with someone you do not know so well ... Is that a good idea? It’s a business agreement in which you can make clear understanding with your roommate in advance without being 'burdened' with a friendship, in any form whatsoever. So the advantage is that you do not know each other very well. You can clearly state what you expect and what you appreciate in the introductory phase. Of course you will also have to work together to find the best outcome because you are two individuals and there are corresponding and separate interests.


Which topics are wise to make appointments to? Everything that matters to both of you. For example, in the roommate environment you can think of determining time (before and after) for the following activities:
  • Cooking - think of disturbing cooking smells early in the morning
  • Wash - think of a rattling washing machine
  • Music - if you want to sleep ...
  • Visit - the doorbell and sound

Housing can also be an enrichment to live together. This also includes making appointments. For example, consider the following:

  • Eating together - How often per week? Who cooks when?
  • Groceries- Doing together, or each with their own place in the fridge?
  • Cleaning of general areas - who, when, what?


As an advice, we would like to suggest you to have a good thought about where you yourself are running (or would walk) when sharing a household. Do you find it annoying when someone uses your shampoo? Or chopping the butter with the knife? Then it is important to agree that everything that belongs to one can’t be used by the other without consultation. Make clear agreements. This ensures that you can live together very cozy. is completely and permanently free! Sign up, match and share with your roommate!