Divorced, and now...

Well, there you are... Relationship gone, hassle, a lot of emotion, but life goes on. If not for the kids then for yourself. Half of your life is still coming. Maybe house-sharing is the best solution to recover from a divorce...

To make decisions

After a divorce it takes time to find yourself again, to find your way in your new composition. Although you are still so happy that you have taken a step, processing a divorce takes time. Meanwhile, life continues. You have to make choices and make decisions. How should I continu to pay the rent? Where else should I live? I do not want to leave here, the children are at school, my neighbors have become friends, the neighborhood is just starting to get cozy. I have just had a shitty relationship, I finally had the guts to choose for myself, and now these dilemmas. Continuing with my ex was not an option, I went through all quarrels. Worrying keeps me awake at night.


How about there is a solution for this dilemma now, suppose you can find someone to share your house with. For short or long time, we’ll see. Just a nice person who has his / her own life, which is similar in life, who could pay half the rental costs. Then life goes back in the right direction. Then I do not have to leave my familiar surroundings. It is perhaps even very nice to have someone with whom I have no quarrel or tension. Maybe I can find someone who is in a similar situation and we can help each other to take care of the children. That would be a blessed gift!
Sharing is also a practical solution. Make use of each other, take your life back into your own hands. Find a suitable living partner.