I don't like meetings

Meetings, that is almost a dirty word. We prefer not to have those…. No, having meetings is not necessary, if there is something we immediately discuss it. But does it always work this way? 

Finding a roommate at Just-Roomies.com is a way of living together wich is far from being integrated in a lot of countries. So roommates can therefore be seen as pioneers, especially in the Netherlands. From the feedback we have received we understand that it is important not only to put the basic agreements on paper, but also to check regularly whether you and your roomie still feel comfortable with the appointments!

Residential meeting

The advice to all roommates is to hold a short meeting at least once every two weeks. Speak to each other on a fixed day and time. For example, you can discuss the following:
  • Cleaning common areas
  • Eating / cooking together
  • Dishes, who does what?
  • What can / do we want to share?
  • What is going well in living together? (Top)
  • What goes less well? (Tip)
  • What can we both improve? (Flop)


A tip-top flop on the agenda provides space for an open conversation. You both have the opportunity to discuss matters and come to the highest level of good sharing. This also prevents you from entering into a reproachful atmosphere. By ‘forcing’ yourself to also name things that are top, the atmosphere remains good.


Your bi-weekly meeting does not have to last long, more importantly is its done consistently. Make a small, point-by-point report of the results of the meeting, then it is clear what you have agreed and you do not have to repeat this at the next residential meeting.
Good luck with sharing your apartment! The team at Just-Roomies.com likes to hear your experiences / feedback. This can be done at support@just-roomies.com