Interesting thought

The best solution to save money on housing!

When I decided in early 2018 to cancel my expensive apartment, I had to store my stuff because my new apartment was much smaller. I did not want to get rid of all my remaining stuff right away because I wanted to share and not know what I would need in the future.

Get rid of it

With myself I made the appointment to throw away everything I would not miss for half a year. That half year was finally about 8 months and recently I have cleared the storage. As it turned out, I had so many things that I did not do anything with. The  costs of the storage were almost higher than the value of the goods. I have brought all unnecessary items to the thrift store. Great that someone else still has fun with my stuff.


I realized how good the current trend is to share, to deal with your money more efficiently. It started with the library and nowadays we have countless solutions such as Snappcar, AirBnB, Felyx, etc ... Every euro you spend by buying stuff that gives you just for a moment pleasure is actually a shame.

Interesting thought

This insight brought me to the next interesting thought; everything you want to buy must be tested against the proposition that you use the intended purchase every day or at least once a week or enjoy it. That is quite a strong statement though! Just check it for yourself. What do you really need and what passes the test. You will be shocked.

Something costs more than just the purchase

Then you can wonder what the hidden costs of a purchase are ... maintenance, depreciation, repairs. We often forget that. Especially if you really want something. It is often the case that something that seems advantageous is actually much more expensive than you expect.

I am very curious how others see this statement; In any case, I have discovered this piece of wisdom and it will help me make my choices much better now.Anyway, I start sharing and helps me find the best roommate!