It's a small world

House-sharing can be an answer and solution on one of your wildest dreams!

Every week there is a moment when I wonder what it would be like to live in New York, or in London, Madrid or in San Francisco? Maybe it’s restlessness, perhaps it’s because of my zodiac-sign... I do not know, but traveling, discovering new worlds, I find amazing.


It is my dream not to be stuck at one place forever, to just choose to live in  NY or so ... and then on to the next city! With the digitization of the world, the possibility of realization is getting closer ... now only to find a roommate. A? No, multiple ... spread around the world. A roommate who lives near such a metropolis as NY or Barcelona, ​​but can not make the step because renting an apartment is simply not feasible. Or someone living in NY, for example, who wants to drastically reduce his / her living expenses? That would be amazing!

Packing up

If you share a property with the two of you, the fixed costs are suddenly doable, so you can pack your suitcase and go for new adventures. But where do you find this like-minded house partner? Suppose there is a site where everyone in the world can sign up with the same wish, then it is suddenly possible. Then it is mainly a matter of selecting well and having the courage to really take the step. Exciting! - Register and prepare your packing list ;-) The adventure awaits!