Just-Roomies.com - how does it work?

Just-Roomies.com is a global website for roommates. 

Housing space wanted 

It is not easy, or rather almost impossible to find affordable housing in the largest, most popular cities in the Netherlands within the foreseeable future. Certainly for the increasing single-community, living space is scarce within budget. But what if you are going to share a home with someone and thus double your budget? Then suddenly there is a world of living space at your feet. In the most fantastic places. Do not you believe it? Just look at all the gems that can be found on the rental page of Pararius or Funda.
Suddenly you can start searching between directly available apartments from 1300 - 1500 per month ....


Share a property? With someone I do not know? Do not be crazy! Yes, it is a revolutionary idea ... but still ... sharing your house with a stranger ... On the other hand, it suddenly gives you many possibilities!
The different filters quickly bring you a number of suitable candidates; go to the contact with everyone and go and have a coffee. It is important to keep in mind that we are talking about a kind of business match here ... you are aiming for a business deal. You can also make business appointments with each other and keep each other. In addition, it is of course also a great adventure to share!


You create a profile in which you clearly indicate what you are looking for in a future living partner. Then you will also look for your ideal match yourself. By making selections with the filters you immediately see the number of matches to increase or decrease. With our chat function you can contact other potential roommates!
Did you find a match? Then you go in search of suitable accommodation together. It is also possible that you yourself already have suitable living space, but that you would like more budget to live well. You can also clearly indicate this in your profile so that other roommates see what kind of living space you have available.

Sharing a house, sharing costs

And then practical? Of course, there are all kinds of practical arrangements to be made. Who gets which bedroom? How do you deal with the groceries and the cleaning of the house? But also, how do you deal with visitors and privacy? Everyone will obviously have to put some water into the wine. That, and making clear agreements, ensures that you can live happily together and share the costs.
Ready for the exciting step? Just-Roomies.com is completely free! Nothing too lose!