No more money-shortage

Do you always have a few days left at the end of your salary?

A cause may be that you are too happy to live exuberantly or that you simply have important, necessary costs .... This keeps you full, but it gives a lot of tension. Then just look at ways to reduce your costs and what is more logical to look at the housing costs. Your housing costs are often 40% of your income and what would you think if you bring this back to about 20% ... then your life will suddenly look very different!


Have you ever thought about living together with someone? By sharing your living space you halve your living expenses. Of course, it requires adjustment because you provide a bit of privacy, but that does not have to be a big problem. Who knows, on, you can find a roommate who wants to be at home when you are at work? Then you hardly meet each other ... And maybe you will find someone who is very nice to live together ... just as roommates!

Extra budget

What can you do with extra budget .... Imagine you now live for 1100 euros in the month. And if you are going to share, you are cutting costs. So you can save 550 euros every month! Or spend extra ... it's just how you look at it. You can do really nice things from 550 euros in the month. How about the following plans:
  • Ibiza twice a year
  • Latest mobile phone
  • Shop till you drop

All nice things, but if your life looks something more serious then the money is badly needed for:

  • Medications
  • Save for your follow-up education
  • Support of your parents, wherever they are...


Search on for a match that fits your lifestyle and create extra budget for your dreams. Where would you spend your extra budget? Let us know in a comment; we are curious!