Sharing continues


Sharing is becoming a more actual understanding for something that has existed for a long time. Strangely enough, I personally never really thought about it or used it, but now that I have become immersed in this 'new insight' I'm going to be completely free! I really got a new outlook on life through it.


Since I said goodbye to my car and motorcycle, I go to work and appointments by bicycle and public transport. Honest is fair, to my surprise it is very well arranged in our country and Iarrive safely everywhere. There is, However, one disadvantage: time! Public transport simply takes too much time and if you have to travel three hours a day for which you usually lose one hour with your own transport, then that is something to think about.


I really did my best and lasted for more than a month, but then my decision was fixed: if I wanted to be able to move myself somewhat relaxed again, I had to treat myself to a bit of support in the form of an engine! I then immediately made the appointment with myself to set a budget and stay within it. In addition, I decided to also share my bike. True? How? I do not know yet…. SnappCar does not want to ... Yet they only keep it with cars!


I did not buy a beautiful 2nd hand engine that long ago. Wonderful, that freedom. It goes without saying that my roommate with which I'm going to use residential units can also use it. If it is sporadic, then the costs are for me. But if it goes 50/50 then the costs will also be 50/50.
Is not that a problem for me? Good question! No, on the contrary! After all, if I go to share it means that I'm going to live in Amsterdam or Rotterdam again and the motor needs much less. Sharing is then more environmentally conscious and cheaper. Either, then it is no problem to take the metro or tram, maybe I'll be faster in the office.
You see it; life can be so much more fun, pleasant, beneficial when you start sharing.