The Library

The library is one of the oldest institutions based on the principle of 'sharing'.

Although I am not such a reader, I have now decided to register myself. That was because I recently realized that when I travel, I buy all kinds of nice books at Schiphol for capitals, and after the trip these books disappear in a bookcase to never get out.

Full bookcase

"Isn't it nice to have such a full bookcase?" That's what I hear around me. But why would you want that?  You read most books once, at most two, so it is primarily a place where dust collects. I recently cleaned up my warehouse at Shurgard and there were so many boxes of books. Unbelievable, what a capital, many thousands of euros just lying around! If I had realized this before, I could have saved myself a lot of money.
So the next time I travel, I'll go past the library first, then score a nice tabloid magazine for a few euros at Schiphol and save myself a lot of money!