Top 10 reasons to share an apartment

Why would you share a house? Why not! We give you no less than 10 reasons!

  1. Living at your dream location

Finally live in the center of Amsterdam. Sounds like a dream? It can be done by living together and sharing the costs.

  1. The end of extensive travel times

No longer in the car or overcrowded train to your house on the other side of the Netherlands.

  1. Crawl home from the pub

You can just have a drink around the corner of your house and if there are a few more you can just crawl home. If you live in the middle of the center it is possible…still we wouldn’t recommend it ;-)

  1. On your bike to work

If your bike is still there at least ... Because that is of course a risk in the city. But if that is your only concern, is it worth it?

  1. Save money

By sharing your house with a roommate you save money. Lots of money. You also provide something for it, but think about what you can do with money that you keep?

  1. Have a budget for your dream trip

If you share your house with a roommate you have, for example, budget for making that tour through Asia, or for those very expensive jeans. Every month, imagine that.

  1. Good life goes beyond property

Are you a living ‘slave’ or are you going for living pleasure? Nice life at your top location is more fun than scraping every month to be able to pay your rent anyway?

  1. Gain new social contacts

You meet new people through With your roommate, if you want, you also get a new social life. And if you do not want this, then you make agreements about that.

  1. Sharing is the life of the future

To have property is less and less important. We want to be flexible, we are sharing more and more. Rightly so. Why should I buy tools if my neighbor has one and I can borrow it? Similarly for cars, energy and now even homes. By sharing your home, a new living world opens up for you and you save your budget!

  1. Adventure!

Sharing with a roommate is an adventure. Will it always go flawlessly? Probably not. But will it be exciting? Sure! And will your location and budget make up for everything? Probably! Good luck and have fun!