We have a dream

With the title 'we have a dream', referring to Martin Luther King, we have very big shoes to fill which in this context is of course impossible.

The corresponding fact, however, is having a dream; King had one and we have one ... and they both talk about the desire to move forward, to create opportunities for everyone, equality. Just-Roomies.com has the mission to give people the opportunity to live wherever they want; descent, prosperity, education have much less influence on everyones chances through sharing.

A lot changes

A major change is taking place in the current life of Young Professionals. And the generation before that makes this change even faster. What? The way we live, work, socialize. This is closely linked to developments in the field of family composition. More and more single-person households, later children, smaller families ... in short, different wishes and new insights.


With the strongly increasing desire to organize your life in a different way, there are also opportunities to look beyond the boundaries of your city, your country or even your wallet. Society is changing rapidly. Property is becoming less and less important and the conveniences of flexible use are increasing considerably. Think of Uber, AirBnB, SnappCar, Regus, etc ... there are only legal and social limits for the Young Professional of the future.


Big cities are increasingly developing into metropolises where living and working closely coexist. Where previously everyone lives mainly inside, current apartments hardly have a kitchen or room for a dining table; everyone dines out, meet each other in the city, coffeebar or park. Social and professional life is changing.
Companies look for suitable staff all over the world, graduates look at the companies that they find attractive, no matter where they are located. A career is no longer 10-20 years at the same company. No, a career revolves around making 10,000 extremely intensive hours in a specific field and you go further on the career ladder.

Our dream

So stuck to a house - as far as you can buy / rent one on your 25th - is the last thing you want; first start your career and then you look further! And then, at mid 30's, there is an income and piggy bank with which you can go the bank ... So start share an apartment in the metropole of your dreams , find a nice roommate at Just-Roomies.com and start living.