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Search, find and choose your ideal roommate. By living together and sharing costs you make your dreams come true. Living in the city center of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht or The Hague. If you already have a house, you finally be free to fulfill your dreams by sharing the house.

On you create your profile in which you clearly indicate who you are and what you are looking for in a future roommate. By making selections you immediately see the number of matches increase or decrease. Did you find a match? Then you will together start looking for a suitable living space! Maybe you or your future roommate already have a nice comfortable house. You can clearly indicate this in your profile.

Create your profile

Be clear in who you are and what you want. You can also indicate in your profile that you already have an accommodation and you’re looking for a roommate. 

Tip: Create a fun catching text in the free text field. And upload some nice pictures. Remember: A picture says more than a thousand words ...

Find a matching roommate

You know how it works, how you can select the best future roommates. The one(s) you like the most you can send a ‘friend request’ message directly. He/she will receive a message of in the inbox and can accept or decline the request of the future roommate. When you accept the request the both of you can chat endlessly until you both are sure enough to meet and discuss further on about sharing a nice house and the city of your dreams.

Connect and search for a house

So you are in touch with one or some candidates?! You both feel confident about your plans? Start searching together for your ideal house… and if one of you already have a house then meet in the house and try to picture if this will work. Take the time to get to know each other and to know each other's life and habbits. And then it’s up to you guys…


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Fortunately, there is a link to "password forgotten" when logging in. Click on it and follow the instructions. Then you can login as usual!

Press info

Just-Roomies, the story

Like many ideas, has its origins in a simple solution for a local but at the same time a global problem! As an entrepreneur active in Amsterdam and Paris, Arnold Plattel, one of the founders, was regularly asked if he knew a solution for finding accommodation. For many of his employees, rents were too high and the waiting lists too long. In conversation with one of his clients, a real estate agent, Arnold asked if there was no possibility of renting out 1 apartment to 2 of his employees. To his surprise, he was open to it so it was quickly settled to great satisfaction. This was the prelude to more success stories, both in Amsterdam and Paris.

Arnold realized that this was the solution for a global problem. Not that sharing was completely new, but the professional bringing together of people who want to share a home was. Over a period of 18 months a small, professional team worked hard on a fast and secure platform. A great time in which an incredible number of positive responses have been received, learned and developed.

We are convinced that this platform,, is the fastest, most efficient and sustainable contribution to solving the global housing problem. Our service is therefore accessible to everyone free of charge: registration, infinite matching and endless chatting. - start living


Mission and Vision


The world needs a different, contemporary solution to tackle the housing problem. Governments and investors alone cannot reduce the housing shortage. The solution will have to come from humanity itself! brings people worldwide together who want to share a home. The fastest, most efficient and sustainable solution for the worldwide housing shortage. Everyone can take the 1st step now!  The Just-Roomies platform is completely available for free. For everyone.



The stunning facts are that rental costs increase, the spaces to build in cities decrease, waiting lists assume years. Measures taken by governments and investors to reduce the housing shortage are only a drop in the ocean. Little steps to solve these issues are being taken, but it takes too long. offers a direct, most efficient solution to the worldwide housing problem in its own way.


The outcome is greater than the sum of the solutions; not only people can go and live wherever they want, but they can also actively contribute to reducing his/her footprint. It's that simple, you just have to take the first step and that is to find your roommate on


The primary target group are the Young Professionals all over the world. They are mostly used to share rooms during studying and they have the natural urgency to live in a mayor city where ‘it’ happens. They dare to take the logic next step: share a house in the first years of your career! has the ambition to have 10,000 people registered worldwide in 2019, of which 10% actually has found a roommate to share a house with. We expect an annual increase of 300% for the coming 5 years. For 2025 we expect to have > 2,000,000 permanent members worldwide, of which > 15% has found a house and roommate. was established by the founders and their own resources in a period of 18 months. In 2019, the fame will grow with a exciting sophisticated Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram campaign. In order to facilitate the growth of the site, advertisers and landlords will provide a financial contribution.


We are convinced that this platform,, is the fastest, most efficient and sustainable contribution to solving the global housing problem. Our service is therefore accessible to everyone free of charge: registration, infinite matching and endless chatting.


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