The Library

I think the library is one of the oldest institutions based on the principle of 'sharing'. Although I am not such a reader, I have now decided to register myself. That was because I recently realized that when I travel, I buy all kinds of nice books at Schiphol for capitals, and after the trip these books disappear in a

We have a dream

With the title 'we have a dream', referring to Martin Luther King, we have very big shoes to fill which in this context is of course impossible. The corresponding fact, however, is having a dream; King had one and we have one ... and they both talk about the desire to move forward, to create opportunities for everyone, equality.


I sometimes get the question if I do not think myself too old to share an apartment with my 50 years. Good question that I have thought about myself. The answer is 'no'. In my case I don’t feel too old to have to share a house; stronger, I wish I thought of it before. My life has just developed

Sharing continues

Sharing is becoming a more actual understanding for something that has existed for a longtime. Strangely enough, I personally never really thought about it or used it, but now that Ihave become immersed in this 'new insight' I'm going to be completely free! I really got anew outlook on life through it. TimeSince I said goodbye to my car and motorcycle,

Divorced, and now...

Well, there you are. Relationship od over, hassle, a lot of emotion, but life goes on. If not for the kids then for yourself. Half of your life is still coming. To make decisionsAfter a divorce it takes time to find yourself again, to find your way in your new composition. Although you are still so happy that you have taken a step,

Car sharing

As one of the founders of, the global platform for finding roommates, I also have my own experiences when it comes to house-sharing and variants on this theme. The world will look different when you consider how much you can share. I think that the library is the oldest institution in this respect. More contemporary is sharing your car. Car

It's a small world

Every week there is a moment when I wonder what it would be like to live in New York, or in London, Madrid or in San Francisco? Maybe it’s restlessness, perhaps it’s because I am an Sagittarius, I do not know, but traveling, discovering new worlds, I find amazing. WishIt is my dream not to be stuck at one place forever,

Singles with child often lonely

'Singles with children often lonely: no time, no friends'. An article with this headline was on recently in a leading Dutch newspaper and it describes an urgent problem. At many people register with different reasons and backgrounds, but singles with one or more children think that is not an option. We understand the doubts, but there are possibilities. A

Interesting thought

When I decided in early 2018 to cancel my expensive apartment, I had to store my stuff because my new apartment was much smaller. I did notwant to get rid of all my remaining stuff right away because I wanted toshare and not know what I would need in the future. Get rid of itWith myself I made the appointment to