I sometimes get the question if I do not think myself too old to share an apartment with my 50 years. Good question that I have thought about myself. The answer is 'no'. In my case I don’t feel too old to have to share a house; stronger, I wish I thought of it before. My life has just developed in such a way that I am single, the kids live with their mother and I work almost every day ... and I go out on the weekends. I could therefore have saved masses of money by sharing my apartment.

There are always those who, in view of their age, have difficulty with the social aspect, and thus with their ego. So yes, our ego is a 'bastard' and we all have to deal with it. There is little more to say about this, this is a subject for each and every one of us. I have just asked around me if my friends have a certain opinion and unanimously they informed me that they would do exactly the same in a similar situation!

Age is just a number
We are talking about my 50 years now, but what about older singles? Sometimes very different motifs play a role here; loneliness, desire for entitlement, finances, security ... you name it! There the ego is completely subordinate to these wishes.

With the aging population, the decline in the care for the elderly, I also see a future where the elderly and young people will share their lives together. The young person experiences the pleasures in the city of his/her dreams and a peace of mind to have some sort of home. The elderly experience entitlement, cosiness, savings, a safe home in which the youngster occasionally checks with an eye to see if everything is okay with the older person. Wonderful prospect right?