Why sharing?

Imagine ... You have a nice 3-room apartment at Cool in Rotterdam. You work on cycling distance and are in the middle of life. Why would you start sharing? Good question, but "why not?" Is perhaps the better question. 

High rent
An apartment in a prime location is fantastic, but also pricey. And that while you also like to go out or eat out; after all, you live in the middle of the bustling heart of a city. So if you are lucky enough to be able to rent such an expensive location, then you now have the chance to fully enjoy it for only 50% of the costs: go share! By sharing your house with a roommate you save money seriously.

On Just-Roomies.com you search and find the ideal living partner. Various filters such as smoking / non-smoking, kids / not, rumbled or not, immediately bring out the best matches, but the filter is particularly striking for constellations; for many, astrology is a beacon to make the right choice.

You make personal contact by first sending a friend request per chat. If the other person agrees you can communicate freely for free. And if it clicks you make an appointment and see if it also clicks face-to-face. If so, you may have found your perfect living partner. Make clear agreements and put them on paper.

By halving your housing costs you save money, a lot of money every month! You've probably already thought about the possibilities that offer you this .... This is actually the answer to the question of why you would start sharing. Became curious? Just-Roomies.com.