Live your dream

What do you dream of? Living in that perfect place in the middle of the city perhaps? Or do you dream of more financial space to travel, to pay for your studies, to explore the world, to help a family member, that one expensive car or a precious tattoo? So many people, so many dreams ....

Make your dreams come true

By renting a house together with a living partner, it is suddenly possible to make your dreams come true. The sharing of housingcosts suddenly gives you the opportunity to live in the perfect place; you have double money to spend and you can search for apartments that were previously outside your budget ....
Do you already have a nice home and enough space, but do you wish more financial space? By sharing you halve your living expenses!

Dream trip

Example: You now live in a 4-room apartment in Almere for 100 euros per month. Your children are now out of the house and you have a lot of living space. You are dreaming of going to the US for 4 weeks next year. Required budget: € 3000,=  If you are going to share you save with the rent only € 500, = per month (so € 6,000 per year) so you can not only spend next week 4 weeks on vacation to the US, but every following year.

Living comfort

Ofcourse you provide something of living comfort for it. Ultimately it is a consideration what you find more important ... With the right partner it can be enriching in all ways and it is not for the rest of your life. You do this for 1 year, or a few years ... and something new comes your way.
On you select a suitable living partner. The filters help you to come up with the best match ... take your time, decide who is the best match and go and examine it!


Select as clear as possible. Then perhaps look a bit wider again. Connect with people and make new connections. Meet each other, see if it clicks and if you have the same expectations. If you feel good about it together, you will start looking for a house together. Or discuss how you live together in the other person's existing home.
That's how dreams come true, it's that simple. Make your dream come true here, register now.