Tips for creating a good profile

You create a profile to introduce yourself to other potential roommates. You enter general information in your profile. For example, you indicate where your ideal place to live is and how much budget you have to spend.


Besides the general information, an extensive profile is important in finding your perfect living partner. After all, this is selected. What makes a profile a good profile?
  • Be honest. For example, think carefully about your monthly rental budget. Make sure you stay realistic. You know how much it costs to live in an A location.
  • Clearly introduce yourself. What does your life look like and what do you expect from a living partner? Think of cooking together and bingewatching. You distinguish yourself by clearly indicating what you like and what you are looking for. You don’t have to be a writing talent, an enumeration can suffice.
  • Use photos. Especially if you already have accommodation and are looking for someone to live with, to share the house. Photos give a good impression of your living space.
  • Share your dream. What is the reason for you to share? Tell it in your profile. This way you immediately give a very personal insight into your life and dreams.

And now ... start your sharing adventure!

Your profile looks good, you are ready, you start to look for the right roommate with whom you want to live together. Remember that everyone on has the same goal: looking for a roommate. Answer neatly on messages you get and always stay polite. The first impression is all-determining online.
And further ... Talk to someone, then you really know if there is a click. Enter the adventure here, together with