Singles with child often lonely

Sharing is the solution to the issue: 'Singles with children often lonely: no time, no friends'.

An article with this headline was on recently in a leading Dutch newspaper and it describes an urgent problem. At many people register with different reasons and backgrounds, but singles with one or more children think that is not an option. We understand the doubts, but there are possibilities.

A night out

Who is now a better home partner than someone with the same challenges and limitations? Precisely, someone with a child who, just like you, always stands alone. Of course, grandfather and grandmother want to help you out, but what could be more fun than just being able to get away and leaving your child in good care with  your house partner. No difficult organization, no extra costs, just tune in and then hit the terrace with your friends or date.

Same situation

Sharing a house while you have a child is not so obvious, everybody understands that, but that will change if you find someone in the same situation! What can you get for a spacious home if you have a double housing budget? Or where can you live if there is more financial scope? Exactly, a living partner with child gives space, a certain freedom, conviviality, possibilities.
Think about it, make contact with members with a child and just start the conversation. Who knows what a beautiful solution presents itself. Happy Sharing at!